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I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in beautiful Upstate, NY.

I photograph wedding and lifestyle sessions that are genuine and natural. The moments caught in time that represent you. I love working with clients to create the perfect outfits, timeline, and plan so they can be fully present. Enjoying every candid moment, effortlessly.

I really love people. Maybe it's the way God made me, my Enneagram 3, or that my grandma Irene worked tirelessly to make sure every single person she came in contact with felt known and loved. Whether you're CEO or stocking the shelves, your story is worth capturing.
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Caring about people 
is my secret sauce

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Founder & Photographer

In the midst of teachers, medical professionals, and engineers, I thought about life a little different. I have been an entrepreneur from day one. I was mowing lawns for the older neighbor and saved every single penny to buy a camera. I was photographing and absorbing every kind of information I could get my hands on. I fell in love with capturing genuine moments.

Photography paid my bills in college, supported two broke young married college kids, and allowed us to have a life we dreamed of. This has been so much more than a job. It’s been a lifestyle and a gift I get to live out every day.
I’ve realized through the experience of running a business that my life and work are most fulfilling when I am able to personally connect with my clients. I allow people to join my story, because they are welcoming me into theirs. Getting to know you is the best part of my business.

I care about serving you on one of the most special days of your life. My secret sauce to running a successful business? Care about people! It’s that simple. Life isn't easy and planning a wedding with 101 opinions doesn't make it any easier. I want to help create the perfect timeline and images to remember this amazing day.
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Emily Netti Photography
I specialize in beautiful wedding and lifestyle photography for stylish, fun, adventurous families and brides & grooms in Upstate NY & Worldwide! I only take a limited number of weddings per year.
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